Greenville News Run Downtown 5k–an Unexpected PR!

I mentioned that I signed up for this race mainly for the shirt. (speaking of which…it’s great except for the size…I’d rather not swim in my shirt) That meant that when I got to the start still wearing my jacket… …I had no race plan.

Then I decided to reread my race recap from last year. I got two things out of it. One, a year ago this weekend I ran my first race with my Garmin. (I can’t think of running one without it now.) Two, I ran this race a lot faster last year than I thought. For some reason I thought I finished just over 25 minutes but in fact it was 24:58.

I decided right then that I was going to try to run fast. I wasn’t sure whether that would mean shooting for a PR or not. I just knew that I wanted to run as fast as my legs would carry me.

So, after taking off the jacket and posing for one more picture…
IMG_0297 …and lined up close to the front but not too close.

After a few minutes of waiting we were off. I remember just a couple things about the first mile. 1. There were some people standing on the side of the road holding signs for Rick Santorum. Yes, there are over a thousand people running by but…it just rubbed me the wrong way. 2. My shoes felt loose for some reason, but they didn’t slide around or come untied.

I came to the first mile marker feeling strong and knowing I could go faster than the 8 minutes it had taken me to cover the first mile so I picked up the pace a little. The second mile of this course covers a significant decline and instead of trying to reign in my speed I just rolled with it. I knew (thanks to rereading that race recap) that there would be a hill coming in the next mile.

When that hill came I felt stronger than ever and just powered up it. It was at that point that I just knew a PR could be in my grasp so I pushed even more. At the top of the hill the course takes a right and then a block later it turns onto main street and from there one can almost see the finish line. It’s downhill too.

I glanced at my Garmin a couple times at this point and once on main street I knew that if I kept pushing it not only would a PR be easily attainable but I might even finish just under 24 minutes.
IMG_0300(I’m the one that apparently has 3 legs :D)
IMG_0299 (it’s blurry, sorry 😦 )
<a title="Untitled by evamadera, on Flickr"

When I crossed under that finish line and stopped my Garmin I couldn't believe it. I had a new 5k PR and this one had 23 in the front of it! 23:59 (and 51 hundredths…so technically 24 minutes exactly but I want 23 :D)

(I wasn’t quite ready…:D)

There we go!

PRs make me smile!

The thing about PRs is that they make me a little giddy. I had to get that energy out somehow so why not skip?



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4 responses to “Greenville News Run Downtown 5k–an Unexpected PR!

  1. Congrats on your PR!!! You are speedy. I bet you were home by the time I finished 😉

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