Weekly Roundup–January 15–January 22, 2012

I changed up the date format in the title. I didn’t like how all the numbers and slashes worked together.

I had a great week of training last week which culminated in an amazing race! (link below) So, how did this week in exercise go down?

Monday: 5 miles fartlek
This was my first time doing a fartlek workout. It probably wasn’t a true fartlek since I had a specific plan and did it on the treadmill. However, I probably could have pushed the pace so I will next time. The workout went really well and I really like this style of speedwork.

Tuesday: stationary bike warm up and Nike Training Club workout
I pushed really hard on the warm up then went right into the NTC workout. I liked this one because it repeated a set of exercises and had some recovery periods built in. By the end it seemed to keep going and going.

Wednesday: 6 miles
The run was awesome. I specifically remember thinking “I feel awesome!” about halfway through. The total time was over a minute faster than the week before.

Thursday: 6 miles + Nike Training Club
I hoped to go even faster than the day before so I put a little more effort into it. (It definitely felt a little harder. :D) I felt so strong throughout the whole run and it paid off–all sub 9 minute miles for an average pace of 8:44.
When I did the NTC workout after school I realized that I haven’t been pushing myself as hard as I could (and should) in the workouts. I did this time and really felt it.

Friday: stationary bike at gym
It was a nice ride. I pushed myself a little faster and loved it.

Saturday: Greenville News Run Downtown 5k
I think we all know how much I loved this race. 😀

Sunday: NTC 15 minutes, abs
Not too easy, not too hard

What’s up next? Nothing this week but after that I have 3 weeks in a row of races…yay!


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