365 Photos–Week 3

Yesterday’s post was a casualty of the second semester of grad school. Today however, I have a spare minute and material to post. I think I’m finally getting the hang of this picture thing. 😀

Day Nineteen
This is what happens when I think my lunch container is sealed.

Day Twenty

Two things:
1. this was taken in a dim restaurant without flash…wow (thank you, directly overhead light :D)
2. one of the best sandwiches I have ever had! Portobello mushrooms with fontina cheese and spring mix

Day Twenty-One

Two of my favorite things—running (and a PR!) and voting

Day Twenty-Two

my kidstuff girls hard at work illustrating how they can live to show how great God is!

Day Twenty-Three

So delicious!

Day Twenty-Four

I wish I knew the story behind this bike…

Day Twenty-Five

This is what happens when I don’t want to put a dirty (the bottom at least), wet recycling bin in my car and another one doesn’t make it’s way over… 😀


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