A Hero’s 5k–Revisited

My main motivation for racing today was redemption.

Last year I ran this race having signed up some time the week before. I hate to say I was “guilt tripped” into it but it was almost that way. Maybe “peer pressure” would be a better way to describe it. This race is run in honor of a guy from my church who died serving in Afghanistan. It really was a great race. I’m just sorry that my view of it was tainted by my own perception of poor performance.

Case in point…here’s how I described it in my run log: “hit wall after hill, took 2 walk breaks mile 3, finished 25:49, discouraged initially, 2 hours later body feels like it’s been through a good workout”

A walk break, in a 5k? That seems so unimaginable for me now.

So today I set out with one goal in my mind, a course PR. (aka redemption) I knew that if I strove for an actual PR I would be setting myself up for unmet expectations. It’s a really tough course.

Mom and I even had a little fun walking up to the packet pick up:
That would be my attempt to run in slow motion to “Chariots of Fire” playing on the loudspeaker…

Half an hour later…it was time for the race to start. (Not a big fan of “opening ceremonies)
I lined up as close to the start as I could without getting myself boxed in and then we were off.

Mile 1: One reason 5ks are not my favorite distance? I think it takes me half a mile to a mile to finally find my stride. Sure I’m running (and in this case it was my fastest mile) but it doesn’t feel natural and settled in yet. This time I finally hit my stride around .75. Pace–7:39

Mile 2: This mile contains the “mini mountain”. (aka the name I came up with while I was running :D) I determined ahead of time that I would not let the “mini mountain” beat me. It didn’t. I slowed my pace just a little and could feel the power in my legs as I pushed myself up the hill. A bit of perspective though…my Garmin says it’s only 50 ft. of elevation change. Pace–7:53

Mile 3: I used to think that mile 2 was my least favorite because of the “mini mountain”. It’s not. Mile 3 takes that title. Instead of a “mini mountain”, mile 3 is home to several gradual inclines with very few declines. It can be mentally draining especially when one is trying to pick up the pace for the last mile. Things still felt great so I kept pushing and even “chicked” a few guys. (aka a girl passing a guy ;D) Pace–7:54

.1 nubbin: This is my favorite part of the course, slight downhill into sprint to the finish. Since we curve around the parking lot there’s plenty of photo opportunities.
(don’t look too closely at my face)

(pardon the blur…that must have been when I was running a 4:59 pace 😉 )

(go ahead and be jealous of my speed)

(why yes, I often kick myself for a little extra speed)

Done…with a course PR of 24:00!!!!
Btw…not only is that a course PR but it’s only a second off what my Garmin registered for the Run Downtown 2 weeks ago. Score!

This is probably my last time doing the race. I’ve run this Furman 5k course so many times that unless it’s a really good cause or really good timing I’ll pick new courses over it.

Coming up next? Hilton Head Island Half Marathon…so excited!!!!


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