Weekly Roundup–January 30-February 5, 2012

This week was a cut back week. However, I didn’t decide that until Saturday that it was a cut back week so…

That being said, all the workouts this week went really well. I can’t wait to start ramping up my mileage even more.

Monday: 5 mile fartlek
I liked knowing what I was getting into. 😀 I pushed the pace faster than last time and could definitely tell a difference; I think I could still go a little faster. (I think I will next time.) Good run overall!

Tuesday: stationary bike warm up + Nike Training Club
The only detractor from this one was a lack of any recovery periods. Otherwise it was a great workout and I really pushed myself.

Wednesday: 6 miles
This run proved that speed work really does work. I now absolutely love it. This run went really well. I tried Saturday’s trick of not looking at my Garmin and just run. It worked. I did push pretty hard on the last mile because I wanted to and it paid off! I ran mile 6 in 7:57! I love running. 😀

Thursday: 6 miles (am) + Nike Training Club (pm)
(run) Note to self: when the weather channel app says the temperature is 51 with 96% humidity, believe it and wear short sleeves. 😀 My average pace on this run was nearly identical to yesterday but it felt a whole lot harder. I’m not sure exactly why but I’m fairly sure that it was to do with the humidity and temp. It was still a great run, especially time wise.
(NTC) This was a good workout. I liked the structure and the exercises. It made the time go by pretty quickly.

Friday: stationary bike at gym
It was a good ride. I loved the sprint at the end!

Saturday: A Hero’s 5k + 5 miles
I recapped the race here.
Originally I had planned to add on an additional 4 or 5 miles after I finished the race. When I finished I just didn’t feel like running more miles. The whole ride home I thought through the different pros and cons. After that whole process I realized that I’ve been increasing mileage (including 2 races with PRs) for a month so a cut back would be beneficial. I think it was a wise idea.

Sunday: 15 minute Nike Training Club
The “core crunch” workout is so much more difficult than “ab burner”–I felt it within the first few minutes. I’ll definitely be feeling it tomorrow. (I am!)

I know I’m a broken record when I say it was a great week of workouts/training but it’s true. I want to remember that when the “bad” weeks come around.

What’s up next? Hilton Head Island Half Marathon (Saturday!) So excited!


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