Weekly Roundup–February 20-26, 2012

This week of training definitely had it’s ups and downs. If I had planned better I would have made this a cut back week. Of course, that means that the current week is a cut back week.

So how did last week go?

Monday 3 x 1 mile repeats at 5k-10k pace
I actually did it! I’ve had mile repeats on my schedule before but I’ve always chickened out and done twice as many 800m repeats. It felt really hard but oh so good! Looking back I think I might have been able to go a little bit faster (closer to 5k pace)…next time!

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + Nike Training Club
I felt very sluggish starting this workout. Not sure why. I kept pushing through and about halfway through those exercise endorphins finally kicked in…finished strong

Wednesday 7 miles
I really loved the run even though my legs felt very heavy especially on the uphills. (It felt like the air was really thick and hard to pull my legs through.) I kept pushing through and managed to shave 10 seconds off my time from last week. (I have no idea how I did that though it was probably because I had to run through a low hanging, very cold cloud for the last 2 miles.)

Thursday 7 miles (am) + Nike Training Club (pm)
This run was hard. My legs felt even heavier than yesterday and stiff. They did not want to move with any sense of speed on the uphills…just really tired. My pace definitely suffered but I’m glad I got out there and ran. (The 100% humidity didn’t help either.)
PM–Didn’t like this one but I made it through.

Friday stationary bike at gym
I felt strong the whole time and loved the ride

Saturday 12 miles
Recapped it here.

Sunday 15 minutes Nike Training Club rest
I knew I was getting sick even Friday night and that’s probably part of the difficulties I had on my long run. Things came to a head Sunday so I took the entire day off. The only thing I got accomplished was catching up on “Hart of Dixie”. It was the right thing to do though. 😀

Hopefully this week of training will go well and the cut back week will be enough to refresh me and springboard training for the Greenwood half.


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