365 Photo Project–Week Nine

I decided to add another challenge to this 365 project. It’s not anything more; it actually works right along with it. I’ve decided to do the #marchphotoaday (and subsequent months if possible) challenge that I’ve seen on twitter.

Here’s the gist: a blogger (I can’t remember the name 😦 ) created a series of prompts for each day of the month. To partake in the challenge I’d take a picture inspired by the prompt and post it on twitter with the hashtag #marchphotoaday .

I love this. As I’ve mentioned before, there have been some days where I struggled to come up with something to take picture of. Now I don’t have to struggle. 😀

Here are the photos for the week:

Day Sixty-One

(This one was taken before I started the challenge.)
The car is actually gone! It had been in that spot since at least November.

Day Sixty-Two

Ironically, I’d planned to take a picture of my produce haul before finding out that the prompt was “fruit”.

Day Sixty-Three
my neighborhood

Day Sixty-Four

bedside view

Day Sixty-Five

a smile…my high school senior portraits

Day Sixty-Six

5pm (for someone studying the comparative history of time this picture is fairly appropriate :D)

Day Sixty-Seven

something I wore (aka my normal off day outfit)


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