The One Where I Go Vegan

(Yes, I am watching Friends right now. How did you know?)

I mentioned in my goals post that I’m participating in Amanada’s 30 day Vegan challenge.


I also mentioned that I would probably write a post in the next couple days detailing what that meant for me.


Now that I’m more than a week into the challenge this post is going to be a combination of explanation and review.

First, what does going vegan mean for me?
This time I tried to plan ahead. That is a big deal when it comes to making a dietary change like this. (So far so good.) I am also making a few “exceptions”. First, I will not exclude a food on the basis of honey. Second, there are a few occasions this month that will not maintain a vegan diet. For example, if I go over to my grandparents for Sunday lunch. I will eat what I’m served. Also, I’m planning a reward party for my kidstuff girls at the end of the month.

Second, how has the first week gone?
I think it’s gone really well.
There have been a couple slight negatives. In the afternoons on a few of the first days my gut felt a little off but I’m not sure that was related to the vegan challenge. I also just started taking an iron supplement. I’ve always been borderline iron deficient and it does run in the family. (I’ll get into this a little more on my recap post. I think :D)
Other than that I feel really good. Plus, I bought a Vitamix and used it for the first time today. (Oh. My. Word. That this is AMAZING!)

Week One was definitely no where as difficult as the one week challenge I did last year. I hope to post a couple more weekly recaps. If I forget (which is likely) I definitely plan on writing a final reflection.



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2 responses to “The One Where I Go Vegan

  1. Haha love the Friends reference

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