New River Marathon Training Week One

So…surprise! I’m running a marathon this spring!

I’ve been holding this in since Tuesday when I made the decision. I guess a little explanation is in order.

I’ve been pondering the possibility of a spring marathon ever since Tina discussed her marathon plans. I really wanted to do it and the possibility existed. I kept putting it off since I was running so many races in between.

The thought never left my mind though.

Last Tuesday I started working on my training plan for April and couldn’t figure out how to keep increasing my mileage using the half marathon plans I was looking at. With great trepidation I pulled up coolrunning’s intermediate marathon plan and started doing a bunch of calculations to see if there were enough weeks to adequately and safely continue to ramp up my mileage to prepare for the marathon.

There were.

In less than an hour I had contacted the race organizer, arranged the upgrade in race distance and mailed off a check for the difference.

I’m running two marathons this year. Yay!

There’s just one slightly scary detail to this race:
Screen Shot 2012-03-12 at 5.03.36 PM
(eek! :D)

Now that I’ve confessed that, how did the first week of training go?

Monday: 4 x 1 mile repeats
This run felt amazing! I upped the pace each repeat and felt stronger than I did all last week. I couldn’t wait to run again on Wednesday.

Tuesday: stationary bike warm up + Nike Training Club
I didn’t like this particular work out. (Didn’t save it.) It didn’t have any recovery periods but it did the trick.

Wednesday: 7 miles
This run felt absolutely amazing the entire time. I started out with a smile on my face and it never left. I wore my new Nike capris (maybe they’re compression?) and loved how they felt. Oh, it didn’t hurt that it was chilly rather than humid. Even though I felt amazing at the time that was in comparison to the previous week. I still felt more fatigued than I thought I should.

Thursday:7 miles(am) + Nike Training Club(pm)
AM-My legs were really sore most of the day Wednesday and even when I started out this morning. It definitely slowed me down on the uphills and I felt really fatigued. It was on the way to school that day that I realized the fatigue might be due to iron deficiency. (I’ve been taking an iron supplement since Friday … not much time … and will reserve judgement until my run on Wednesday.)
PM-I figured it would be better to skip the strength training workout and give my legs a little breather.

Friday: stationary bike at gym
It was a good, solid ride. I wanted to ride longer so I could read more of Runner’s World. I couldn’t get enough. 😀

Saturday: GHS Centennial Half Marathon
I loved this race. 😀

Sunday: 15 min Nike Training Club rest
I also decided that since most of these workouts have been rather half-hearted it would probably be better to have a complete rest day.

So, week one is done. Only three more races between now and the marathon. 😀



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