New River Marathon Week 2

I feel like I should put a disclaimer on the training recaps for this marathon cycle. During this cycle I will run 4 half marathons all two weeks apart and then two weeks after the 4th half marathon I’ll run the marathon.

Right. I’m probably going to join the half-fanatics. I think I qualify. đŸ˜€

Another thing I learned this past week? Humidity + warmer temps = slower pace. It’s simple math of course. Realizing that though makes the mental aspect of training a whole lot better.

Here’s the week in review:

Monday 6 x 800 intervals
I felt awesome for the entire run. I increased the speed each interval finishing with 7.8. I also got to watch Dr. Who again! (Thanks Netflix for finally updating it :D) I’d forgotten just how quickly watching Dr. Who makes treadmill runs seem.

Tuesday stationary bike warmup + Nike Training Club
It was a good, solid workout.

Wednesday 8 miles, medium length run
I would have preferred to run outside but the fog was way too heavy. I didn’t want to take the chance that a car wouldn’t see me. I loved the run though, especially since I got to watch Dr. Who. đŸ˜€ He made the time fly by ;). (See comment from Monday.)

Thursday 8 miles, medium length run(am) + Nike Training Club(pm)
am–I definitely slowed down on this run and felt it on the uphills but I shortened my stride on the uphills and was able to power up the hills. I loved the run though.
pm–I was so hungry after class that I couldn’t imagine trying to complete a half hour workout without something in my belly. So I didn’t. I’m getting back on the wagon this week. I promise.

Friday stationary bike
This was a good ride, nothing exceptional to note.

Saturday long run–14 miles
I can’t wait to run long again!

Sunday rest
Not only did I plan to rest yesterday but I think I needed it. I felt rather sleepy almost all of Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon. (A couple 10-20 minute naps were taken both days.) If I had to guess the cause I would say the heat/humidity really drained me on the long run. I could be wrong but that’s my best guess.

Coming up next? Greenwood Half Marathon! I’m super excited about this one. (I’ve also seen ads for it on tv. I’ve never seen ads for any other race like that on TV before. Is it just the market I live in or is that kind of advertising unusual in general?)



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3 responses to “New River Marathon Week 2

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  2. That looks like a good week! 10-20 minute naps are the best! Just enough to make you feel better, but not wasting the whole day! Good luck this weekend at Greenwood. Why haven’t I seen these commercials in Greenville? What channel?

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