365 Photo Project — Week Eleven

Day Seventy-Five

car … proudly displaying my passions

Day Seventy-Six

sunglasses … the only ones I’ve ever owned (I like free stuff :D)

Day Seventy-Seven

green … the only green thing I could find, my trusty water bottle 😀

Day Seventy-Eight

a corner of my home … the one I look at the most (good or bad…)

Day Seventy-Nine

funny … I wasn’t sure what to take a picture of so I ended up with something that I have to explain why it’s funny. 😀
you can’t see it as well in the picture but each of these slices is a completely different slice. I have trouble slicing things. 😀

Day Eighty

before/after … since I’m not really sure how to take just one picture to show those two things I took a picture of the after…my new hairdo

Day Eighty-One

delicious … it may not look like much but peanut butter brownies = delicious

So…I wouldn’t count these as very “artistic” but taking pictures is slowly becoming a habit.



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2 responses to “365 Photo Project — Week Eleven


    As a fellow runner I recently came across your blog, after the Green Valley Road Race, and I have been enjoying it! What a great idea for taking daily pictures! Where do you find your ideas for each day? Good luck on all your upcoming races!

    • Thanks so much for commenting! At first it was whatever I thought of but this month I’ve been following a challenge put on by another blogger. It’s called #marchphotoaday.

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