“Greenwood Half Marathon” — race recap

I mentioned on dailymile Thursday that the Greenwood Half Marathon had been cancelled 4 days before the event. (I’m planning a full post on my experience which will hopefully serve as a PSA warning against the Reinke Sports Group.)

To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement. I’d already made plans such as booking a hotel (nonrefundable) and was really looking forward to the weekend.

Instead of giving up and losing the money on the hotel (the race registration is another story) I decided to go out anyway with Dad and make my own half marathon with race bib, water stops and medal.

As soon as I decided that I took an old bib (the bib from my first race actually) and did a little cosmetic work.



Last night Dad got resourceful and came up with some items that we could use to craft our own medal.
Ingredients: green ribbon, green poster board, green tape, ties, and an Easter cookie tin

Here’s Dad adding some “decorations”

This morning we headed out to a local 2.7 mile trail. The plan was to run the entire length twice and then head back out for an additional shorter out and back to get the whole distance in.

Ready to start! I used both my Garmin and the mapmyrun app just in case the Garmin had issues again. It didn’t. I think somehow it accidentally got left on and the batteries wore down.

The trail was really nice with some gorgeous views along the way. I settled into a nice rhythm fairly quickly. The one thing I didn’t appreciate? 96% humidity. I really should have brought my camelbak along with me. I’d planned to but realized halfway to Greenwood that I’d forgotten. Oops. I knew when I started to get thirsty coming back on the second out and back (around miles 8-10) that I was probably dehydrated.

Each time I got back to the trail head, Dad was there to hand me a cup of Gatorade (blueberry pomegranate…my favorite!)
This was the second time. After I finished those I actually walked over to the van and drank the rest of the bottle. While I needed the liquid I probably shouldn’t have drunk that much, that quickly. It sloshed around uncomfortably for a little under half a mile.

At each out and back Dad also got a few pictures of me in action.
(I’m not posing. I promise.)



Finally, I finished soaked in sweat. (I really want to live somewhere without this awful humidity.) I don’t have a picture of the actual finish. I have a video. I’m not going to post it. 😀 (It’s my dad at nearly the height of his cheesiness. :D)

Apparently he wanted to document everything about the finish so here I am saving the run on mapmyrun.

sweaty and done

and with my “race bling”
(I should have written “real” like I just typed it. :D)

After heading back to the hotel to clean up and pack up, Dad and I got back on the road with one last stop for one last “reward”.
(I know it’s not vegan but I really needed something.)

All in all the “race” was a success and I’m very glad that I was abe to make lemonade out of lemons. 😀 I’m also glad that I signed up for the GHS Centennial Half. Otherwise I wouldn’t have had an “official” half marathon this month.

Next up? Clemson Easter Bunny Half in two weeks. I’m looking forward to a “real” race. 😀



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28 responses to ““Greenwood Half Marathon” — race recap

  1. i love that you went and ran anyway, bib and all! great attitude and way to have some fun with a sucky situation!

  2. Joe from Knoxville

    What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing! Your determination to roll with the punches is very inspiring. And your supportive dad is amazing!

      • Joe

        Just saw your marathon PR! Did that involve a mad dash at the finish line???

      • Yes it most definitely did! 😀 Just after mile 25 my hips hurt so bad I had to start walking (first time whole race) and I thought I was going to have to finish the whole thing walking. I thought sub 5 was out of the question. Somehow I got a second wind and was able to start running again. Seeing that number on my Garmin was one of my happiest running moments. (Hopefully I’ll get to see a smaller number in May for my second marathon! :D)

  3. Joe

    Another great story! 🙂 I am sure you will rock it in May. Good luck!

  4. Dina Mauldin

    Great job!! Great determination. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I got directed here by Joe from daily mile (and knoxville). Great attitude! Glad you got your race in!

  6. Stephanie

    Hey…I also signed up for the Greenwood Half Marathon and Dean will not give me my refund…now he will not even respond to any of my emails/calls. I find it absoultely ridiculous that he can run his business like that…
    Good for you for running it anyway 🙂

    • That doesn’t surprise me. He had a history of doing stuff like that. I’m planning on doing a whole write up about it. My advice is to contest the charge with your credit card company. Hope you get your money back.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Stephanie

        Thanks…I just got off the phone with my bank, I filed a claim against the charge. I also called the news to report the story and they said they have been trying to contact him but no response (I guess several other runners have called in too). Thanks for writing about it and getting the word out…maybe it will prevent it from happening again.
        Keep running and good luck on all your upcoming races!

      • That’s my hope! I hope you have success with getting the charge reversed. 🙂

        Sent from my iPhone

  7. Can you shoot me an email?

    I may cover the company behind the Greenwood “race” on Monday and would love to talk to you.

  8. I’m here for the rest of the evening. My number is 587-4439.



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  10. I LOVE that you went and did the race anyway! That is so cool! Great job! What a bummer that the race got cancelled. I had already heard bad things about the race before, but I hope they never plan to have a race again, because this is a PR killer for them. Did they give you any reason behind the cancellation?!

    • According to him it’s because the city pulled the permits 10 days out from the event. (so why did they wait until 4 days out to cancel?) Tune in to WSPA tonight…Gordon Dill is doing a piece on it!

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  13. super job and great determination… your dad sounds like a cool and supportive dude!

  14. Jay

    Hello. I signed up for the exact same race. Me being mad would be an understatement. Anyway, I’m doing the Easter Bunny Run as well, so I’ll be looking forward to it. Happy running!

    • So glad you get to run the Clemson half! It looks like they really benefited from the cancellation. 😀 I’ve heard great things about that race so hopefully we’ll all have success!

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