30 Day Vegan Challenge–A Wrap Up

Today marks the last day of the vegan challenge.

I’m glad that it’s ended. I miss cheese most sincerely.

I’m not glad that I chose to partake in the challenge. It provided the jumpstart I needed in my diet. It helped me start thinking outside the box when it came to meals.

I have to admit though that I haven’t completed the challenge 100% this week. I reached a burn out point last Saturday.

I got burned out all the restrictions. All those foods I “couldn’t” eat. It was okay for the first two weeks because I was trying several new foods and food combinations. After the two week mark I started craving dairy again.

I think that’s the biggest lesson for me. I don’t ever want to make a food completely off limits. There are foods that I will never eat, fried pork rinds for instance. I much prefer to make informed choices in what I eat.

What will my diet look from here on out?
I don’t think I could ever place a specific label on how I eat. As soon as I do, I feel like I’m putting different foods off limits. That being said, I will probably eat a primarily plant based diet with occasional (okay, somewhat more than occasional) additions of dairy.

I’m thankful for this challenge and the new foods and tools I got to try. (larabars and Vitamix for example :D)



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4 responses to “30 Day Vegan Challenge–A Wrap Up

  1. thanks!! i;ll be linking this up. I totally agree that I”m glad I did it but I don’t want to make any foods 100% off limits…it creates mental barriers

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