New River Marathon Week 4

Confession: I am technology dependent. I have trouble remembering things so I’ve set up countless reminders using the reminder app on my phone. One of them? Writing my weekly training recap. Last week I postponed the reminder due to the Reinke Sports Group post and forgot to set it back. Whoops.

Last week was a great week in training. I think (but I’m not sure) I reached a weekly mileage high.

Monday 5 miles Fartlek
It was a nice, solid run, Fartlek runs are a lot of fun. It’s always a bonus that I get to watch Dr. Who during speedwork.

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + Nike Training Club
I chose an advanced workout this time. It kicked my butt! I think I’d like it even better if I didn’t have to modify a couple of the exercises due to a blister on my big toe. (Thankfully, that blister has since healed.)

Wednesday 8 miles
This run was awesome. I really felt like a runner. My stride was strong and literally loved every second of it! The slightly lower temperature and humidity level probably helped too.

Thursday 7 miles(am) + Nike Training Club(pm)
AM-It was a little warmer and humid and my pace showed it. I didn’t have Wednesday’s “high” but that’s okay. I still loved it.
PM-Nike didn’t lie about these workouts being “advanced”. After doing this one I wondered how I could think I had been pushing myself in the others. I’m feeling it already. (It was probably the wrong work out to do two days before a tough long run. :D)

Friday stationary bike at gym
This ride was tough but I liked it. My legs felt super heavy/sore after Thursday’s NTC workout. I decided I didn’t care how many miles I got in and still managed to get 15. I’m very pleased with that especially since the bike decided to get a life of its own and increase the level until it was almost impossible to pedal, twice.

Saturday 16 miles
I absolutely loved this run! I didn’t really feel sore at all Saturday. Sunday on the other hand? A completely different story.

Sunday rest
My legs decided to very vocally tell me to rest today. There’s probably a reason that people don’t run up mountains every day of their life. 😀


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