New River Marathon Week 5

This week was full of modifications. I didn’t mind. I learned from those modifications and the reason for those modifications (running up a mountain) definitely helped me in my half marathon Saturday.

Also, only a month remains until the marathon!

Monday: 4 miles 8 hills at 5k pace 4 miles
My legs (hips and calves specifically) took it on themselves to tell me Sunday that adding hill repeats would be a bad idea. 😀 Instead I foam rolled SUnday and decided to go ahead and do an easy recovery run. I just concentrated on running, not pace. My muscles were less tight for a little while after but there was some lingering soreness at the end of the day.

Tuesday: stationary bike + Nike Training Club
Since my legs were still a little sore from Saturday’s long run I just rode the stationary bike, nice and easy.

Wednesday: 8 miles
My hips and calves started to get a little sore around mile 3.5/4 but it worked itself out as I kept running. It was a good run overall.

Thursday: 7 6 miles(am) + Nike Training Club(pm)
This run was hard. The humidity was absolutely awful! Here’s to hoping that we’ll get a little more than a couple days relief from this before summer hits for real. Breathing felt difficult so I dropped down from 7 miles to 6 (what I originally had scheduled). Even though the run was hard, I still loved it!
In anticipation of the hilly half coming up I decided not to do a NTC workout in the afternoon. I’ll pick this up again in the coming week.

Friday: stationary bike at gym
Nice, easy ride. I decided to not look at the total distance at all until I finished and was pleasantly surprised at the total distance. (just over 15 miles)

Saturday: Clemson Easter Bunny Run Half Marathon
I think my love of this race is very clear.

Sunday: rest

Up next? Another assault on Paris Mountain Saturday, 18 miles this time and then the Greer Half Marathon on the 21st. yay!


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