New River Marathon Week 6

It’s hard to believe but the marathon is three weeks away but it is. Only one significant long run remains, the one 20 miler of the plan. (It’s split between the Greer Half Marathon and 7 additional miles.)

Since the marathon is getting close, it’s time to figure out what my pacing plan is going to be. A few things kept me stumped for a while. First, my pace for the Spinx Marathon averaged 11:26. Second, almost all of my training runs for Spinx averaged between 10:30 and 11:30. However, since Spinx I have built up my average weekly milage and increased my days running from 3 to 4. My pace has averaged from 8:40-9:40 on these runs.

See my dilemma?

Add the above dilemma to the course profile for this marathon.

I wanted to structure my race plan so that it would challenge me but not set me up for disappointment.

I think I’ve come up with a plan. It took a second trek up the mountain but I think this one is workable. (also a good jumping off point for Savannah in November)

Even with all the walking I had to do Saturday, my average pace was almost a minute faster than the only other 18 miler I ran. I have averaged 10:00 – 10:10 minute miles on both my 16 and 18 milers. If I was able to maintain that pace I would finish under 4:40:xx.

Here’s my plan. My goal pace is 10 minutes per mile except on the mountain. However, I plan to run by feel and check my Garmin only occasionally. My finish time goals are as follows: primary–4:5x:xx, secondary–4:4x:xx, reach–4:35:xx.

That feels good to get it out in the open. So, how did training last week go?

Monday 8 hills at 5k-10k pace
I ran the hills at a higher incline (4.0) than before and kept the speed up (on the hills…7.2)–made it really hard. I have to admit that the last two hills were at a slightly lower incline (3.5 and 3.0) than the rest. I loved it! (plus, the Dr. Who episode I got to watch wasn’t bad either :D)

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + Nike Training Club
I loved getting back into strength training. I may not like strength training as much as running but I certainly miss it when I don’t get to do it. This workout included 1 leg (and side) planks. They were tough!

Wednesday 7 miles
I absolutely loved the cooler weather! I keep waiting for my luck to run out but so far it’s holding. πŸ˜€ (At least for last week.) The run felt awesome, although I felt like I was running closer to an 8:40 pace rather than 9:02.

Thursday 7 miles (am) + Nike Training Club (pm)
AM–I loved being able to break out the long sleeves and gloves this morning! I may or may not have squealed when I checked the weather Wednesday night. I felt strong throughout the run and thoroughly enjoyed it.
PM–I’m so glad I went even though I debated not going because I was hungry. I keep saying this about the advanced workouts but it kicked my butt! (I should probably not choose advanced workouts two days before a long run.)

Friday stationary bike
I loved pushing the pace on this ride.

Saturday 18 miles w/a mountain
This run was really tough but so worth it. I felt really awesome afterwards. This time I decided to foam roll in addition to an ice bath. Foam rolling works! My legs barely felt sore at all on Sunday and not at all on Monday. Success!

Sunday rest

Up next? 20 miles including the Greer Half Marathon



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10 responses to “New River Marathon Week 6

  1. Great training week! I think your race plan is very sound. I’ll bet you hit that 4:35.

  2. Sounds like you are ready!! Good luck at Greer this weekend! You should have nice temps…I ran it 2 years ago and it was blazing hot!!

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  4. Sounds great and exciting, good luck to the big day the marathon day. Looking forward for more updates. You did a great job, Congratulations.

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  6. How did you do? I ran this year’s New River and it was awesome. Hard, but awesome. The hills between miles 13-17 were some of the hardest. By the time I got back down to starting elevation (around mile 20) I was whooped. I just kept a solid pace and headed in for the finish. You can see my full review here:
    Would love to hear how you did!

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