New River Marathon Week 7

As of today I have officially entered the taper for my second marathon. Wow. It sneaks up on you especially since this training cycle was abbreviated.

How did the week of training go?

Monday 6x long hills at 5k-10k pace
I was really surprised that my legs weren’t sore yesterday or today. (The last time I ran up Paris Mountain my legs were sore for several days after.) I pushed the speed on the hills and loved it!

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + Nike Training Club
I think this one was mislabeled as intermediate. (Obviously it wasn’t…just exaggerating a little :D) I’ll definitely be doing more 45 minute NTC workouts.

Wednesday 8 miles
I love running in the rain when it starts raining after I’m already running. My legs felt heavy on the uphills (no doubt from all the squats yesterday) but I felt super powerful once it started to rain. I kept imagining all the drivers looking at me and thinking I was crazy.

Thursday 7 miles (am) + Nike Training Club (pm)
AM-My legs still felt heavy/sluggish on the uphills. I think they’re telling me it’s time for taper. Good thing I have only one more long run before taper.
PM-I debated not doing it today (keep my legs fresh for Saturday) but I went ahead and did it. I’m glad I did. I chose a 45 min beginner and it was just what I needed, slow and steady.

Friday stationary bike
It was a good, steady ride. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Saturday Greer Earth Day Half Marathon + 6.6 = 20 miles
I am beyond thrilled with this run. I can’t wait for the marathon!

Sunday rest


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