14 Miles–Prelude to a Marathon

One week from today I will hopefully have finished my second marathon.

Today was all about the taper. I was definitely ready for it mentally and physically.

This was not an “oh-my-word-I-love-running-and-never-want-to-stop” run. It wasn’t absolute torture either. It was tough, though, mentally and a little bit physically.

I had a hard time getting into the run at first. In most of my life I tend to over-think things and some things have been happening (like the end of the semester) that made my head a not so pleasant place to be.

For the first few miles I focused on pushing aside those thoughts and just concentrating on the run. After a few miles I finally was able to do this.

Most of the run felt rather ordinary interspersed with moments of hitting my stride. It helped mentally to break the run into 2 mile chunks to eat a couple Gu chomps.

Then came the last mile. I was ready to be done. I knew I had just a mile left so I picked up the pace. I felt stronger than I did the entire run. Maybe I was running too slowly?

Whatever the case, I finished the run strong and ready to head into marathon week. (At least I will be after I take my Philosophy of History final this afternoon)

I also wanted to compare my time from this run to the first 14 miler of this training cycle. I was prepared to see a slower time, especially since I took mini walk breaks today every other mile. (Running and chewing Gu Chomps is quite difficult.)

Screen Shot 2012-04-28 at 11.20.16 AM

Screen Shot 2012-04-28 at 11.20.34 AM

Quite encouraging.

Now all that’s left to decide is what shoes I’m going to wear. I’ve been debating this for quite some time. I wore my new ones today to break them in, just in case. A big part of me wants to wear my old “PR” shoes but I don’t know how many miles they have left on them. … Decisions. Decisions.



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8 responses to “14 Miles–Prelude to a Marathon

  1. So you are going to think I am a stalker…I spoke to at the Greer Hal and told you I always see you in the mornings running and then I saw you running today downtown. I told my running buddies and one said you had a blog and he saw your posts on Greenville Track Club FB page. Long story short…I found your blog!!

    Good luck with your marathon…Spinx was my first marathon too last year…you will be one up on me!!

    Kelly Weekes

    • Yay! I can finally put a name to the face! I loved seeing you today. So many people were out on the trails today! I’m excited about the marathon. Thanks for the support!

  2. Bo

    Great Job Jeni! You make me feel slow. I ran 14 today in 2:40:21.
    This is my last long run before the Long Cane 50K. next weekend.
    Good luck on your Marathon! You will kill it!

  3. Great job Jeni!! You are ready and are going to do GREAT next weekend! I will be (virtually) cheering for you! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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