New River Week 8

Less than a week until the marathon! I think the fact is finally becoming real to me.

My body was ready for the taper this week.

Monday 6 x 800m intervals at 5k pace
I started a tad on the slow side (just under 5k pace) but increased the speed every other interval. Loved it!

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + Nike Training Club
I should have been doing 45 minute workouts a while ago. These workouts push to the point of fatigue no matter what the level is.

Wednesday 6 miles
I was distracted during the first half of the run by my headband. It kept slipping and I wondered if washing it had ruined it. Then I took it off and realized I’d put it on inside out. Whoops. The second half almost like a different run. I felt really strong on the uphills even though my hips are super sore from the NTC workout I did yesterday.

Thursday 6 miles 4.5 miles
This run was hard. (Although I didn’t know until after looking at the data that I managed a 9 minute average.I expected much worse.) Every bit of this run was hard. I had to run into the wind for most of the first half. (This did help with the humidity though.) Then I hit the biggest uphill of the route and my leg muscles just did not want to cooperate. (They were already protesting before.) I don’t know how else to describe it than they did not want to move. I have no idea why this run was so tough. Since the marathon is so close I cut the run down to 4.5 . It’s really hard to cut a run down so I’ve been battled negative thoughts after but kept reminding myself that I chose to listen to my body and managed to eek out a great average pace.

Friday stationary bike
I felt really, really strong. I wanted to push hard so I did and loved it! It felt like redemption from Thursday.

Saturday 14 miles
This run was tough but good.

Sunday rest

5 days until New River! I’m starting to get really excited. šŸ˜€


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