Goals for May

The semester is not quite over but with just my easiest exam remaining, it certainly feels like it.

Perfect timing for a recap of April’s Aspirations and declaration of new goals for the first month of summer.

How did last month go?

1. Train Smartly
Mission accomplished. Several times this training cycle I have adapted my planned exercises to better fit my training needs. I think I trained as well as I could. (The final results will be in Saturday!)

2. Increase my fruit and veggie servings.
I didn’t count the servings exactly. I’m counting this as a success though. The reason? When it came time to decide what to choose to eat for lunch or snacks I tended to gravitate towards fruit or veggie options rather than chips for example. I have to admit that I ate more fruit than veggies.

3. Establish a new TV watching habit.
This has been an amazing and surprising success. I thought I would go through “withdrawal” since my old TV watching habit was something I’d done for months. Since the first day I haven’t really wanted to go back to that old TV habit. This is definitely something I want to keep up for the long term.

Goals for May
I plan to keep things simple again.

1. Complete at least an hour of work for the Shakespeare class every day except Sundays and sometimes Saturdays.
This summer I’m taking the other half of Shakespeare online. It’s my first online class so I’m not sure exactly what I should expect. I did start it today and I’m very relieved that I decided to take it online. It’s quite fun to “attend class” in my pijamas.
I want to complete the class as soon as possible so I’ll have at least a week or so without school responsibilities.

2. Start researching and working on PhD applications.
If I want to start my PhD work in the fall of 2013 (provided I get accepted into a program) then I need to get all my ducks in a row pretty soon. Since I don’t really have a job right now (but am looking for one) this summer is the perfect time to work on that.

3. Start researching thesis topic.
I’ll be writing my thesis spring 2013. I might technically have a good deal of time until then but I like getting the bulk of the research done before I have to start writing. Besides that, I need to narrow my topic. To do that I have to read a lot. I have plenty of time to do that this summer.

I”m going to limit my monthly goals to three again. I know that all of them are school related. That’s on purpose. I think that needs to be my focus right now. I’ll still be running. (obviously) I’ll still be working on eating clean and healthy. For now though, I want to focus on school and help give myself a structure during vacation.


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