New River Marathon–Week 9 and Reflection

Saturday far exceeded my wildest dreams back when I first decided to run a spring marathon.

Even though my training schedule was extremely abbreviated (9 specific training weeks) I’d built up an extremely solid mileage base which helped me crush my goals. I’m sure that a full training schedule would have helped me power through those low moments from mile 22-26.53. That being said, I’m looking forward with eager anticipation to Savannah! Full training cycle (starting in June) and a pancake flat course. A large part of me wants to make 4 hours my goal. We’ll see.

How did race week play out?

Monday 5 miles
This was supposed to be a fartlek run but I decided to make it a recovery run in anticipation of the marathon. I wanted to keep my legs fresh. I felt sluggish at the start (as evidenced by my splits–9:03, 9:09. 8:53, 8:50, 8:36) but eventually warmed up and hit my stride, even when I had to slow down on the uphills. I love my 8:54 average pace.

Tuesday stationary bike at gym
I didn’t do a Nike Training Club workout to keep my legs fairly fresh for the marathon. The ride was good except I occasionally felt a twinge on the outside of my right knee. I hoped it was just a taper side effect. Thankfully it was.

Wednesday 5 miles
The heat and humidity definitely slowed me down this morning. I felt solid throughout though. As I’ll mention for Thursday. I’m fairly certain a lot of my fatigue during the last few days of training had to do with mild dehydration. I’m definitely getting back on the wagon.

Thursday 2 miles
Thanks to a dailymile friend I realized that I hadn’t been hydrating well. I started drinking plenty of water Wednesday afternoon and it definitely made a difference. I wanted to go longer but this distance worked perfectly.

Friday stationary bike at gym
It was nice, steady ride. I was very thankful that there were no “phantom” knee twinges like Tuesday.

Saturday New River Marathon
I don’t think it could have gone better.

Sunday rest
I definitely took advantage of this one. Rest days are always 1000 times better when a showing of Hunger Games is included.


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