New River Marathon Recovery

Last week was all about the recovery. I bounced back a lot quicker after Spinx but I know I pushed harder on the much more difficult course. At the beginning of the week I was just a little frustrated because my mind was ready to resume my normal workout schedule but my body wasn’t. I held back though and things are back to normal. I’ll be more than ready to jump into marathon training again when June arrives. 😀

Monday rest
I indulged in hitting the snooze button a few times. It was glorious.

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + Nike Training Club
I felt super sleepy while doing my devotions before I headed to the gym. Then I felt sluggish while I was pedaling so I changed my workout twice. Instead of doing my normal stationary bike and NTC combo I changed it to an hour of riding and then to half an hour. I know this was best but I really wanted to do more.

Wednesday 6 4 miles
I loved being able to run but my body wasn’t quite up to the challenge. My mind (and body to some extent) wanted to run but 6 miles just wasn’t in the card for the day so I slowed my pace and cut down the miles.

Thursday 6 miles
I loved the chillier air this morning. Taking it easy definitely did me good. I felt almost back to normal. I loved the run too.

Friday stationary bike
I felt completely back to normal and loved the ride. I started to get excited then about my long run for the week.

Saturday 12 miles
A successful long run for sure! Another cool thing about the day? Taking Mom to get her first pair of real running shoes and her first new pair of tennis shoes in over 10 years!

Sunday</strong rest

Up next? One more week of no races and then 3 weeks in a row! Oops. 😀 These are all runs I couldn't turn down though.


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