Is Love of Running Genetic?

Hang on and I’ll get to the title in a moment.

Before I do that I want to talk briefly about my long run this morning.

Today I ran an unofficial half marathon. I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to run just 13 miles again. It’s not that hard to add .1 at the end.

This wasn’t my best half marathon, official or unofficial. I’m trying to narrow down the reason why I’m not bouncing back as quickly as I’d hoped. I don’t feel as fatigued as I did before I started taking an iron supplement or when I wasn’t drinking enough water. I just feel more tired.

My best guess right now is that I’m not getting enough sleep. Goal for next week? Getting to bed sooner and see how that goes. Hopefully it will prevent me from getting just plain tired in the middle of my run again. (Although, I’m not sure because I’ve had the same sleep habits for almost a year.)

That’s what happened today. It took me a little while to get into my groove but after I passed some obnoxious runners (last week their group of six ran 3 in a row across the entire trail…today the group of four ran one right next to the other across the path) I felt strong. That was about the halfway point.

About a mile after I turned around I started to feel tired and more than ready to quit. I kept pushing of course because getting back to my car was my only way home. 😀

After a few lackluster miles I decided I wanted to pick up the pace so I did and made my last my the fastest, 8:30.

Hopefully I’ll get this figured out in the next couple weeks before I start my next marathon training plan.

So…the title…I admit, I don’t have anything fancy to show, no research, no thought provoking discussion.

Remember that Mother’s Day gift I bought?

Well, Mom started the Couch to 5k program last Monday and she loves it! She’s using a free app on her iPhone which gives her all the necessary prompts.

When I say that she loves it, that might just be an understatement. She’s so enthusiastic about it. It’s clear that she loves running. I knew that my love of running had to come from somewhere. It’s going to be so much fun to run the Red, White and Blue Shoes 5k with her in July.

Up next? Paris Mountain 11k (My first time back on the trails since the 15k last November. Oops.)



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3 responses to “Is Love of Running Genetic?

  1. Welcome to the “never being able to run just 13 miles” club!

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