Weekly Roundup–May 14-20

So, the roundups are back for a couple weeks at least. As much as I want to jump back into the next marathon training schedule, I know that my body needs recovery time. It’s been telling me quite loudly since the marathon. (At least, I hope that’s what it’s telling me and that I’m not just completely misinterpreting it.)

Last week at a glance:

Monday: 6 x 800m at 5k-10k pace
It felt so good to run fast. I did get a side stitch during the third interval so I walked that recovery interval. I said on dailymile that I couldn’t wait until next Monday and the next speedwork session. Looks like I’ll have to wait a little longer. 🙂 I’ve got regular miles on for today and next Monday.

Tuesday: stationary bike warm up + Nike Training Club 45 min beginner workout
It felt wonderful to get back to strength training after two weeks off. The 45 min NTC workouts are challenging no matter the level. I definitely paid the price though for that time off.

Wednesday: 6 miles
I definitely learned my lesson. Any strength training workout after two weeks off will cause intense soreness. That combined with the humidity made for a challenging run. I still loved it though.

Thursday: 6 miles + Nike Training Club 45 min beginner workout
I was still sore Thursday but not as much. The humidity felt pretty bad even though it was lower than Wednesday. Overall, I’ve felt pretty tired and I can feel that in my runs. Hopefully I’ll be able to put a finger on it soon. Other than all that I really liked the run.
So, I skipped the NTC workout. It fit well in my schedule to double up on workouts. I would go to the gym directly after class. Turns out it’s a lot harder to get myself out of the house in the afternoon when I’ve been home all day and still gotten a great workout. I think it was for the best though. My pecs still hurt with certain movements. Thankfully they’re not sore anymore.

Friday: stationary bike
These workouts are usually just ho hum. This one fell right in line. 🙂

Saturday: 13.1 miles
The run was sort of lackluster but fairly good.

Sunday: rest
As usual, I aced this work out. 😉


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