Paris Mountain 12k–Race Recap

Thanks to some changes to the Sulfer Springs Trail the 11k became a 12k. I’m not complaining. (I happen to like the number 12.)

This time I didn’t look back at my recap from last year to see what my time was. While I know I’m a stronger runner than last year, this race was a little bit longer.

It also helped that I approached this race with a couple race-free weeks ahead of it. Last year this race culminated 2 months of races every weekend.

This morning I chose not to run with my camelbak. While I would have appreciated having it, I don’t think not having it hurt my performance.

Dad and I arrived in plenty of time so we waited down by the lake before the start.

Twenty minutes later it was time to head up to the start.

I wish I’d had the guts to start a little closer to the start line. I ended up running the first mile or two a little slower than I wanted since I didn’t have many opportunity to pass some of the slower runners in front of me.

Then came mile 3. I knew it was coming. Somehow I keep forgetting just how tough that mile really is. I would post a screen shot of the elevation but for some reason Garmin connect’s elevation profile view is pretty lousy.

Once I got that point it wasn’t all downhill but most of it was. The funny thing is, after mile 3 every incline brings out the desire to to walk. I did a few times after that but for the most part I kept running usually with the runner in front of me in view. I just wanted to keep up.

Ironically enough, right around the same point where I slipped and fell last year another runner went down. Her fall was a lot worse and she slid off the side of the path so much I thought she might not be able to stop. Thankfully she was okay and able to get back up and keep running. I actually ended up running right behind her for the last mile and a half without realizing it.

When we got to the updated portion of Sulfer Springs I was more than thankful. I remember getting pretty freaked out about the steep descent last year. The new switchbacks made it more than manageable.

Right around this point I remembered just how much I love running trails. They kick my butt but I love them. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I love trail running. It’s so much different than road running. I just wish I weren’t so ADD about running. I tend to love whatever race/type of run I’m currently running. 😀

Towards the end when the trail opened up I took off. I ended up passing that runner I mentioned earlier and powered to the end.
Paris Mtn 12k finish 1
(I miss piknik 😦 )

I finished 13 minutes after the time I told Dad. I was very optimistic so I didn’t care. I grabbed a bottle of water and drank it as quickly as I could. That other runner I’d passed finished soon after. Both of her knees were covered with blood and dirt. If I thought I was hardcore last year…she definitely showed me up.

I am so proud of my performance in this race, especially when I compare my performance to last year. I am a much stronger runner now and that makes me very, very happy.

Just for fun here are my splits from last year:
Screen Shot 2012-05-26 at 10.30.03 AM

And this year (over a quarter mile longer):
Screen Shot 2012-05-26 at 10.30.58 AM

I finished a longer race almost a minute faster!

Up next? Charity Chase Half Marathon (I’ve heard it’s hilly. Yay!)



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12 responses to “Paris Mountain 12k–Race Recap

  1. I have the elevation information: The climb actually starts at Mile 1.62 at 1,063 feet and climbs steady up until mile 3.16 which is at 1,655 feet.. So its a climb of just short of 600 feet in a 1.5 mile distance. 3/4 Mile of mile 5 is also a tough climb.. It goes from 1,440 feet at mile 4 and climbs to 1,539 at mile 4.78.. a not too shabby 3/4 mile 100 foot climb.. 🙂

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  3. Thanks for mentioning me in your race recap! This was my first trail race and I did bust my knees up…… after the race I went to doctor’s care in Simpsonville and got stitched up…… when you passed me in the end I knew you were clearly much younger (not in my age group!) so I was cool with that ….lol

    • I saw your stitches! You are definitely hard core. Congrats on your age group win! I hope to be running as well as you when I’m your age. 🙂

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  4. Jonathan

    I was at this race. Is there anywhere to find the photos they took of the individual runner’s in the mountain?

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