Weekly Roundup–May 21-27

Just a couple more “weekly roundups” remain until training for Savannah starts. I’m definitely excited about that.

Running-wise this week of training wasn’t all that spectacular. It wasn’t bad either…just kind of ho-hum. Somehow I keep forgetting that I get really run down by the heat/humidity that South Carolina is blessed with. Even though I ran last summer, I ran far fewer miles than I plan to run this summer. I definitely need to take that into account.

That being said, how did last week go?

Monday 8 miles
This was probably the last run in my wonderful “PR” shoes. They were likely done a couple runs ago. 😀 I felt a little sluggish at the start of the run but slowly warmed up and felt strong throughout.

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + Nike Training Club
There was nothing unusual about this workout. I pushed it and loved it. (Of course, the run on Wednesday woke up the DOMS in my hips/thighs from all the squats and lunges.)

Wednesday 8 miles
The humidity really took it out of me. I felt really drained throughout but my stride was great and believe it or not I loved the run. It’s definitely the tough runs like this that are the most rewarding.

Thursday 8 miles + Nike Training Club
I had a lot going on in my head that morning and it felt great to work it out through the run. I felt really strong and it definitely showed in my pace. It was the fastest out of my three 8 milers this week.
About that Nike Training Club workout…I definitely planned on going. However, when the time came for me to head over to the gym there were things in the oven. Since no one else was home it wouldn’t have been a wise idea to leave them in there. Next week, for sure.

Friday stationary bike at gym
Yet another ordinary ride to catch up on Running Times

Saturday Paris Mountain 12k
Great reminder of how much I love trails! I definitely felt the soreness Sunday.

Sunday rest!
My last complete Sunday rest day for several weeks. I’ve decided to join the #RWRunStreak challenge. When will I have another opportunity to add a measly 3 miles to my weekly run total?

Up next? Charity Chase Half Marathon this Saturday and Sunrise 8k the next. (Remind me again why I signed up for two races in a row that start at 6:30 in the morning?)


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