365 Photo Project–Week 21

So…now that I’ve discovered how to take screenshots on my iPhone (sorry to say that it took me nearly 8 months to figure that out) I’ve used that feature quite a bit, especially this week.

Also, this week I completed prompts for both #photoadaymay and #maycreative as well as one that did not fulfill a prompt.

Day One Hundred Forty-Five
dinner … from Day One Hundred Forty-Four, lamb sliders at Breakwater Restaurant. Best. Dinner. Ever.

Day One Hundred Forty-Six
hot … this is just May; can’t wait for August *sarcasm alert

Day One Hundred Forty-Seven
so many twelves! I’m a happy woman (no prompt)

Day One Hundred Forty-Eight
iPhone or Android? iPhone…duh! (btw…that’s David Tennant as the Doctor peeking through the icons)

Day One Hundred Forty-Nine
the weather today … it definitely got much hotter as the day progressed

Day One Hundred Fifty
valuable … spending time with family, including this crazy kid

Day One Hundred Fifty-One
flowers … hanging from the porch


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