Weekly Roundup May 28-June 3

This week marked the start of my participation in Runner’s World Run Streak (#RWRunStreak) and I’m loving it so far. Even though I officially start marathon training again next week and this challenge is designed as a way to maintain motivation between training cycles I’m still glad I jumped on board.

The only change I’ve made to my training is to add three extra miles to my training in the week. I’ve been getting up a little earlier each day to make adding a mile before Tuesday and Friday’s workouts a little easier. Sunday on the other hand? If I didn’t have this challenge to motivate me I would not have gotten out on the road.

So, how did training go?

Monday 6 miles
The run streak was definitely a motivating factor in completing the run. It was tough. My legs hadn’t fully recovered from Paris Mountain plus the humidity was rough (89%). I still absolutely loved the run. I loved the feeling of just getting out there and running and not worrying about my pace. I finished quite proud of the run. (Side note: my pace would have been under 10 if it hadn’t been for some big dogs. I probably wasn’t in any danger but I really don’t like those dogs so when I came back past them I slowed to a walk. Oh the fun things one discovers when running in a different state.)

Tuesday 1 mile + stationary bike warm up + Nike Training Club
I felt really tired during the mile but was able to complete it before heading into the gym.
Getting in late on Monday definitely affected my workout. I almost considered quitting but pushed through to complete the workout.

Wednesday 6 miles
I felt much better than Monday, nice and strong. I’m still not a fan of humidity but there’s not much I can do about that.

Thursday 6 miles + Nike Training Club
I felt even stronger than Wednesday but curiously my pace was a little slower. Hmm… I loved the run though.
So, the Nike Training Club workout didn’t happen again. My cousins were over so I was helping them with Boy Scout stuff. They didn’t end up leaving until close to supper time. (I will talk about this more tomorrow in my June goals post.)

Friday 1 mile + stationary bike
I ran on the treadmill for this mile (#RWRunStreak Day 5) since I brought my iPad with me. I pushed the speed too and loved it. This shows me I can push faster outside so that’s my goal.
Running before getting on the stationary bike definitely made it feel more like a workout.

Saturday Charity Chase Half Marathon
I love half marathons.

Sunday 1 mile
I waited too late today but since it was just a mile it didn’t matter that much. My legs felt a little heavy during the first half but I really pushed it on the second half and almost finished in under 8 minutes.

Up next? Sunrise 8k, the last of my three consecutive weekends of races. I won’t race again on a weekend until San Francisco on July 29th.


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