May Monthly Round Up + June’s Goals

I’m a little late. I know. Originally I planned to write the post last Friday but didn’t have a chance. Oh well, I’ve still had attempted to complete the goals listed below.

May was supposed to be a month focused on schoolwork in three different forms.
1. Complete at least an hour of work for the Shakespeare class every day except Sundays and sometimes Saturdays.
This happened except for a couple days when unexpected schedule changes prevented it. While some of the luster has rubbed off (lackluster results on the first test for reasons that were not my fault) I still thoroughly enjoy being able to take the class at my own pace and in my pajamas. (Is it pijamas or pajamas?)

2. Start researching and working on PhD applications.
I have many index cards full of information on PhD programs. I’d say I accomplished that part of the goal. Working on some of the documents for the applications didn’t happen in May. I started yesterday.

3. Start researching thesis topic.
I am so glad that I started early. So far I’ve read two books on the topic and watched one documentary. I’ve always been passionate about my topic (the Armenian Genocide) but so far this research has made me even more so. I know I would have been even if I had no Armenian Heritage.

So, based on the wording of my goals last month I would say that I accomplished my goals. On the flip side I don’t think that I really got that much done in regards to everything else. That’s going to change.

June Goals

1. No more procrastination.
The reminder app on my iPhone is a wonderful feature. I use it every day. However, it has this feature that allows me to change the due date…aka postpone the specified task. Something that I noticed in May was that even if I had time I would postpone certain tasks (not related to my other goals) just because I didn’t feel like doing it. That’s not going to continue, especially since starting next week I have a job. (Yay! I might talk more about it later. I might not.) So, unless there absolutely aren’t enough minutes left in the day I am not going to procrastinate completing the tasks on my to do list.

2. Complete at least 2 Nike Training Club Workouts Weekly
As evidenced by my weekly roundups of late I haven’t gotten in two strength training workouts in a single week since two weeks before the marathon. I can definitely tell a difference. The new job will actually help with this since it will give me more of a schedule.

3. Run at least a mile a day for the #RWRunStreak.
So far I’ve completed 9 days. Since the month of June makes up the bulk of the challenge dates it makes sense to make this one of my goals. I’ve loving it so far.

4. Drink at least 3 full water bottles a day.
I’ve been slacking on this big time. Each time I think I’ve made it a habit, I slip up again. I’ve noticed it more lately due to the lovely humidity we’re blessed with here in South Carolina. I want to stay healthy and being hydrated is a big part of it.

Weird to think that when I revisit these goals it’ll be the second half of 2012. Yikes!


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