Weekly Roundup–June 3-10

Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon training starts next week! This last “interim” week started off slow but ended on a high note.

Monday 6 miles
It took a little while to get into my stride when I first started but found it after about a quarter mile. The rest of the run felt really good including the hills that slowed me down a little. I even threw in a sprint at the end.

Tuesday 1 mile + stationary bike warm up + 45 min Nike Training Club workout
For Day 9 of the #RWRunStreak I decided to see if I could run the mile faster than last Friday. Mission Accomplished.
I ran out of beginner level 45 minutes so intermediate it was. I definitely felt it on Wednesday.

Wednesday 10 8 miles
If you want to discover every single change in incline on your running route do a 45 minute intermediate Nike Training Club workout the day before. This run was hard; my legs felt like lead. I cut the run down from 10 miles to 8 (and added those two miles to Thursday). I thought about cutting it even shorter but knew I would feel great at the end for having accomplished it. I definitely did. Great way to mark National Running Day.

Thursday 6 8 miles + 45
Nike Training Club workout
I felt so much better on the run than Wednesday. The first four miles were slower than I thought they were (while I was running them) but I picked up speed on the second half.
I was begging for mercy less than 10 minutes in! (not literally of course. 😉 ) This workout kicked my butt but I felt incredibly strong throughout! If only every strength training workout felt like this. I might do it a little more often.

Friday 1 mile + stationary bike
There will come a time when I can’t possibly run this mile any faster. I’m going to keep going until I find it.
I kept pushing when I got onto the stationary bike. Since I cover up the distance while I ride (to keep from obsessing about it) I’m always surprised when look at the final distance, even more so on Friday.

Saturday Sunrise Run 8k
Turns out when I decide to actually race a race I can run pretty fast. 😀

Sunday 1 mile
I can’t believe that I’ve run every day for two weeks! I really like this. I decided to see how fast I could run the mile outside and loved it. (7:16 btw)

Up next? Nothing much. My next race is the Red, White and Blue Shoes 5k on July 4th.


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