12 Miles–the First Long Run for Marathon #3

I’ve mentioned quite a few times that I will be running my third marathon in November, Savannah Rock n Roll to be exact.

When I initially registered for this race back in November this was going to be my second race. I nervously entered 4:30:00 as my projected finish time.

Since then I’ve run my second marathon, one with a mountain, and come very close to that goal time of 4:30:00. Since I finished New River, thoughts of a 4:10:00 marathon have been dancing around my head. Okay, honestly? I really want to get as close to a 4 hour marathon as I possibly can.

Savannah is flat? I can do it right?

Well, I’ll keep that as my reach goal and ambitiously aim for 4:10:00 as my main goal.

I’m doing a few things differently this training cycle to get me to that goal.
1. The training cycle is longer. I started training for Spinx at the beginning of July after returning from three weeks of travel aka lack of exercise.

2. I have a much more solid mileage base this time around. As I just mentioned, not only did I start training after three rest weeks but my mileage had been hovering around 10-16 miles per week. This year? Average of 25-35 miles per week

3. I’m running 4 days a week. (Although I’m running 7 days a week until July 4th.) Last year I just ran three times a week. Since January I’ve been running 4 and loving it. I’m considering adding a 5th day in but I’m not sure.

4. I plan to incorporate speedwork. Last year my goal was to finish. All my speed feel by the wayside. I am a much stronger runner now with a recently revived desire for speed.

5. I’m following a modified coolrunning’s plan rather than smartcoach. Smartcoach just wasn’t very smart for me. Coolrunning on the other hand has been a good fit. I’ve obtained several PRs including half marathon and marathon using their plans. For the marathon this means including long runs longer than 20 miles. Officially their plan goes up to 26 miles for a long run. Due to the adjustments I had to make to the plan my longest long run of this cycle is 24 miles.

Today was the first “long” run of that training cycle, just half of the longest distance.

This run wasn’t extraordinary by any means. I could probably find several other recaps on the blog that describe similar runs. I started out strong, worked some things out in my head (this time it included picking a potential dissertation topic), got tired (legs) around the half way point but pushed through to the end with a fast last mile.

Even through the tough moments on the run I realized just how much I absolutely love running. (My mother had a similar feeling yesterday where she actually asked herself, “should I be loving running this much?” Yes!)

I’m excited to see where this training cycle will take me.



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