Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon Training

Collected here are all posts relating to training for my third marathon. I adapted my training plan from coolrunning’s immediate marathon plan.

Week 1
12 miles
Week 2
Becoming a Smarter Runner
Week 3
12 miles
Week 4
14 Hot and Humid Miles

Reboot Week
12 miles long
Week 1
Week 2
San Francisco Second Half Marathon
Week 3
Amica 19.7 Half Marathon 10 miles
Week 4
13.1 miles, a make up half marathon
Week 5
A second chance at 14 miles
Week 6
A scheduled cutback 10 miler
Week 7
16 miles to 1000
Week 8
10 miles–Speedwork works
Week 9
Asheville Citizen-Times Half Marathon
Week 10
18 Miles, No Walk in the Park
Week 11
14 miles that became 10
Week 12
20 Miles, Fourth Time Around
Week 13
iRecycle Half Marathon
Week 14
First 20+ training run
Week 15
Volunteering + final “long” run
Week 16 and Marathon Reflections
Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon


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