Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon Training Week 1

As I introduced Saturday training has finally officially started for Savannah. It’s kind of crazy to think of how close the marathon really is and how little I’ve done to prepare. (I would love to have my hotel booked already but I’m waiting until July when I have enough rewards points.)

This week also marked a fairly rough transition to a new schedule. I think training went well this week and I’m ready to adjust to the new work schedule. 🙂

Monday 6 miles Fartlek (treadmill)
I experimented with the pace (it’s been a while since I did a treadmill fartlek workout) to try to speed it up. I think I can push the pace even faster next time. This run was definitely faster than the last treadmill fartlek I did a couple months ago.

Tuesday 1 mile #RWRunStreak
I squeezed this run in before heading to work the polls for the South Carolina primary. I would have preferred to get an NTC workout in as well but sacrificing another hour of sleep just to get up early enough…nope.

Wednesday 7 miles
Even though I was a little tired (and that likely slowed my pace a bit) I felt strong throughout.

Thursday 6 miles (am) + 45 min Nike Training Club workout
AM–After seeing several flashes of lightening I decided to head inside for safety. The treadmill definitely isn’t my favorite but it got the job done.
PM–I was pretty apathetic about this as I started, kind of sluggish too. I tried to keep pushing but then I got to the pushup. My muscles were just plain tired; my form on the first push up was horrible. I called it quits because I knew I couldn’t maintain proper form. (This is where the rough schedule transition came in but after rest on the weekend I think I’m ready to handle the current week.)

Friday 1 mile + stationary bike
Today’s mile was faster than Tuesday. Love it.
I pushed hard on the bike (a little farther than last week). I wish I could push faster but the bike has a habit of moving backwards if I try to pedal faster than 100 RPM.

Saturday 12 miles
Solid start to training for marathon #3

Sunday 1 mile #RWRunStreak
I think I slept wrong on my back or something because it felt off this morning. It slowed my pace but I got the mile in. It’s feeling better already so hopefully it’s just temporary. (It felt a little off this morning too but did not hinder my speedwork.)

Not the greatest start to a training cycle but solid.


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