Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon Training Week 3

Step 1 in becoming a smarter runner accomplished.

This past week of training looked rather different than what I had originally written on the schedule. I’m okay with that. I hesitate to say that I’ve completely learned my lesson but I’m definitely on my way.

Monday rest
Technically this was the only day of running that I sacrificed from my schedule. (The other two days I would have run if I had maintained the #RWRunStreak.

Tuesday rest
Even though it wasn’t a schedule run day (usually stationary bike warm up and Nike Training Club workout) I figured it would be better to rest on Tuesday as well.

Wednesday 6 miles
I was a bundle of nerves when I started this run. I spent the first mile overanalyzing how my back felt. I knew that I couldn’t continue that way and prayed for God to take away my fear. Instead of focusing on my back I turned my attention to the run. (My back felt fine, btw.) It really did feel so good to be back. The hills were pretty tough. I’ve probably lost a little bit of hill fitness. No problem. Savannah is pretty flat. I finished with a bit of stretching and foam rolling as part of becoming a smarter runner.

Thursday 6 miles
While my pace isn’t where I ideally would like it to be I don’t really care. This run felt even better than Wednesday because my mind was at ease. The “hills” still took a lot more out of me than I’d like. It’s good to be back.

Friday stationary bike
This was a good, steady ride albeit a mile shorter than when I ran a mile beforehand. I guess warming up does make a difference.

Saturday 12 miles
Despite the heat I actually did really enjoy this run.

Sunday rest
I think having a complete day off is a good thing to incorporate into my training cycle. 🙂 I did start Amanda’s July ab challenge. I think this will be a good way to strengthen my core.



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3 responses to “Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon Training Week 3

  1. Nice week dear! I’m so glad to hear your back is on its way to feeling 100% so you can ROCK this training cycle! I know you’ve got it!

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