Red, White and Blue Shoes 5k

Happy birthday to me!

I think I like running a race with several hundred other wonderful Greenville runners on my birthday. Okay, I don’t “think”, I know I like it.

On top of that I got to run with my cousins and my mom. Running with family is pretty awesome.

Leave it to teenage boys to ruin a pretty good picture. 🙂 Also, how cute is my mom in her running skirt!

I decided before hand that a PR attempt was not in the cards today. Instead I focused on running side by side with my mom who just completed the C25K program. Then yesterday my abs started protesting loudly after the workouts I’ve put them through for the #abchallenge. Unfortunately, I don’t think my back muscles (the other part of the abs) are healed enough for these advanced workouts so I plan to pick this back up in August.

I didn’t mind that the race was delayed half an hour due to the exceptionally high turn out. I’m just glad that so many people came to wish me happy birthday run the race.

Before the race started our group split. Michael headed towards the front wishfully hoping to chop four minutes off of his time from last year. Timothy, Mom and I positioned ourself a little past the middle.

Come 8:30 and a “rocket” launch we were off!

That first mile was not pleasant. My abs protested loudly especially when a side stitch came to join the party. Thankfully our pace was slow enough that I was able to run through. After the first mile the abdominal muscle protestation and side stitch left and so did Timothy. He used the first mile as a warm up to see how his knees felt. Afterwards he said he ran a much better race than last year.

Mom and I ran side by side for the rest of the race.

Since I planned to run with family I did not bring music. Honestly, I didn’t miss it. That’s what surprised me the most. I think I might be able to run without music for my 50k in January. *fingers crossed*

Mom ran such a good race, really strong. I had such a blast running this race together with her on the day that 27 years ago she was exerting just a little more effort to bring me into the world.

Other than a brief walk after the one major hill to catch her breath, Mom ran the whole thing and we just barely missed coming just under 30 minutes. I’m thankful that she paces so well because a slow, steady (9:36) pace was just what I needed.

My uncle volunteered to use my phone to get pictures of us all at the finish. He didn’t see Timothy in time but got some pretty good ones otherwise.

Michael coming in with a 24:08 PR. (I still have the fastest 5k time in the family!)

Mom and I, almost done

Then afterwards:



I look forward to doing this next year too!



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3 responses to “Red, White and Blue Shoes 5k

  1. Happy (day-late) birthday! It must be super fun running with family — no one in my family is a runner (yet?) but I’m sure it’s got to be a fun addition!

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