14 Hot and Humid Miles

I’ve added yet another thing to the list of things I need to do to become a smarter runner, sleep.

Of course I sleep every night but the importance of a full night’s sleep cannot be overstressed. Due to the wonderful birthday gift of dinner and a show, The Lion King Musical, I did not get to sleep until after eleven. I know, I’m a night owl. 😉 5:10 in the morning comes very quickly after that.

I felt the effects of the lack of sleep in the first mile of my run this morning. I ran it in 9:50, my slowest mile (apart from the miles where I walked while chewing chomps).

Once I got over the sluggishness my biggest battle (apart from the heat) was keeping myself from obsessing about how my back felt. There’s a fine line between “listening to your body” and “obsessing about every sensation”. I lost that battle on Thursday. Today, I won.

Another lesson in becoming a smarter runner that I learned today was that I do not function well in the heat. I finally put all the pieces together. I’ve always felt drained after spending any time in the heat. I’m a bit think-headed though so it took more than few runs to help me learn that adding physical exertion would drain me even more.

After last week I made sure to hydrate yesterday and bring plenty of water with me. Additionally, instead of running one long out and back I broke it into two pieces so that I would never be too far from my car just in case.

While the second half was tough I felt so accomplished having finish the run successfully.

What’s coming up next? The San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon on July 29th. I’m beginning to enjoy longer breaks between races. (I know. Who am I?)



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3 responses to “14 Hot and Humid Miles

  1. Oh wow! I didn’t know you were doing San Fran! That’s awesome! Can’t wait to read all about it!

    • I absolutely love San Fran! I ran the first half last year after hearing all about it from Aron @runner’s rambles. (She did her ambassador job well!)
      I almost feel more attached to San Fran than Spinx. 😉
      Lord willing, I plan to run the full next year and complete the set. 😀

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