Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon Training Week 4

If I had written this post on Thursday I would have had a much more pessimistic view about my training. During my run that day thoughts of “two steps forward, one step back” filled my head.

Thankfully with God’s help I am learning how to become a smarter runner which sometimes means getting out of my head.

To see exactly what I mean about that read on…

Monday 4 x .25 hill repeats + ab challenge
I planned on doing 8 hills (somehow I thought that would be 2.25 miles) but realized after the first interval that if I did 8 intervals I’d end up running 5.5 miles. Since I need to keep my weekly mileage increase around 10% (being a smarter runner after all), I completed 4 hill intervals. Thankfully my back also cooperated.
I modified the exercises to 4 round of 12 instead of 4 rounds of 20. I also skipped the “cardio” exercise at the end. At that point I knew my back wasn’t strong enough but I thought it would be okay.

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + ab challenge
I couldn’t complete the first or third exercises with good form but that’s okay because I was able to complete the second exercise as prescribed! I was very excited about this when I first completed it. However, this exercise was intense and caused severe DOMS in my abs and back that I wasn’t ready for.

Wednesday Red, White and Blue Shoes 5k
This was a great race with my family.

Thursday 6 miles
I was not in a good mental place during this run. A couple things combined to make the run awful (it was supposed to be 8). First, the heat and humidity. The combination of 76 degrees at 80% humidity really did a number on me. I don’t think I run well in heat. The second thing was my back. Since the back pain first presented, I’ve been hypersensitive to anything and everything back there. I discontinued the ab challenge but the days I completed promoted DOMS. My hypersensitivity threw my perception out of whack during the run. After I took a moment to think and pray I realized that this was just muscle soreness. God answered my prayers and as the muscles healed the DOMS disappeared.

Friday stationary bike
I’m not sure how my pace keeps getting slower each week but I’m not too bothered by it. I’m a runner not a cyclist. 🙂 I think I wasn’t really paying attention to the ride. It served it’s purpose though.

<strongSaturday 14 hot and humid miles
After Thursday I was stoked to have such a comparatively awesome run.

Sunday rest


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