12 miles + training plan reboot

Another long run, another lesson or two learned.

I’ll get to the second part of my title in a moment.

This morning I set out optimistically thinking that running 16 miles this morning was a smart idea. I also thought it would be alright to start a run having eaten only 8 mini peanut butter cups. (These things are really small.)

The first three miles I ran were pretty much miserable. At first I just couldn’t find a comfortable rhythm and felt overly aware of each stride. This effect was compounded as I continued and I felt like I had barely enough energy to lift each foot off the ground. I felt like I was running through a heavy cloud. (It turns out that I was running in 96% humidity.)

During those three miles I decided I would finish the 8 miles of this out and back and call it a day. Then I took a planned stop at mile 3 to eat a couple chomps. The change in my energy once that sugar hit my system was incredible. I felt normal again. Lesson learned. Do not start out a long run on an empty stomach.

As I continued my run, and felt more normal, I thought about the fact that 16 weeks remain until the marathon. Many marathon training plans are 16 weeks long. In a matter of a few miles I decided that I would shorten the run to 12 miles and start researching 16 week training plans when I got home.

That’s where the reboot comes in.

I finished the run feeling pretty good which is always a plus in my book. As I left I got to watch triathletes racing the inaugural Tri the Swamp Rabbit pass by on the bikes. That got me really excited for future training and maybe, just maybe, a triathlon in 2013 or 14.

So, back to the reboot. What did I decide on?

Through a google search I found 16 week training plans created for the NYC marathon–Savannah is the day before–and a few others. After brief deliberation I decided to use the advanced/competitive plan with a few tweaks to accomodate my upcoming travel and my preference for 4 days/week running rather than 6.

This week’s training will be titled Reboot week. I’ll start the numbers over again the following week.

I’m excited about this decision. Instead of feeling like I lost weeks due to the injury I get a blank slate and a training plan that really suits me. For the first time I think I’ve found a plan that actually fits.

Two weeks until San Francisco!



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3 responses to “12 miles + training plan reboot

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  3. Isn’t it amazing what a little sugar/calories will do for your body when you are struggling?! I felt the same way during my last marathon and I took a cup of gatorade at mile 15. Somehow switching things up completely changed how the day was going at that point! You are ready to go with the new training plan…16 weeks is PLENTY of time to go after those goals!

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