Savannah Rock n Roll — Reboot Week

As I mentioned Saturday I wiped my training plan slate clean and am starting over beginning with today. (Sneak preview…today’s run was awesome!)

Looking back on the past week of training I can see that I was more than ready for a reboot.

Monday 8 4 x hill repeats at 5k-10kpace
These hills were definitely tough! I loved them and wanted to do more but in an effort to keep my weekly mileage increase close to 10% I had to stick with 4 repeats rather than the scheduled 8. (This is the second week I’ve downgraded the number of repeats and then ended up needing those miles by the time the end of the week rolled around.)

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + 30 min Nike Training Club workout
I was nervous to do this workout. After all it was after a similar NTC workout 3 weeks ago (so long?) that my “back saga” started. It took me almost my entire stationary bike warm up to choose a workout. I picked a 30 minute beginner; I’ll work back up to the 45 minute ones soon. I could tell throughout the workout that I’d lost a bit of my fitness in those areas. After all, it had been 3 weeks off. I want to get stronger though so I’ll keep pushing through.

Wednesday 6 miles
I ran inside because predicted possible lightening. (There wasn’t any.) My glutes and hammies were sore from Tuesday’s NTC workout so my legs felt heavy on the run but I got it done.

Thursday 6 miles
This run was tough. My glutes and hamstrings were very sore (even more than Wednesday) and it felt like it took so much more effort to get up the hills than usual. I’m glad I got out there and ran though. Next on my list of becoming a smarter runner? Figuring out the cause of my fatigue

Friday stationary bike
Nothing extraordinary but at least I didn’t slow down another mile today.

<strongSaturday 16 12 miles
Even though this run was nothing like what I expected I’m still extremely happy with those hot and humid 12 miles.

Sunday rest

What’s up next? The next double digit run I have is the San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon coming up on July 29th. Super excited!


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