Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon Training Week 1

Hello from sunny California! As I type this entry I’m riding the Amtrak Surfliner from San Diego to Los Angeles. I’ll try to get a trip recap post up perhaps during the week but more likely after.

Right now it’s time to recap the first week of training of my rebooted program which includes even more adjustments. Yay! 😉

Monday 5 miles regular run
I haven’t had a run like this in a while. It wasn’t the pace or the weather, of course. This run simply felt more effortless than any other run has for weeks. I’m not sure what the difference was but I’ll take it and hope it keeps up. This marathon training restart is off to a fantastic start!

Tuesday yoga stationary bike
I had planned to go to yoga in the evening and use the morning to try to plough through things on my to do list. Then I remembered that I had plans in the evening so I squeezed in a 30 minute stationary bike ride at the gym with a sprint at the end to reach an even 7 miles.

Wednesday 6 miles regular run
The only thing that would have made this run better would have been better weather but since that’s out of my control I’d call this run a rousing success. Oh, I also discovered a trick to getting up hills when my legs just don’t want to, pretend that I’m minutes away from getting a BQ.

Thursday 6 miles regular run
I could definitely tell that humidity was over 90% this morning. I’m going to get spoiled with a week and a half of running in California. I battled discouraging thoughts for the first mile or so but once I “got outta my mind” the rest of the run went well. (google Twitch and Alex, SYTYCD…the routine is amazing!)

Friday stationary bike
There’s not much to say. It was a good ride.

Saturday rest/travel
This day was one of the longest days of travel I have ever experienced. Only the overnight stay in Heathrow airport beats it. I got up at 5:10am Eastern time and did not arrive at my hotel in Chula Vista, CA until after 10:00pm Pacific time. During those hours I traveled via 2 plans, 1 flyaway bus, 1 Amtrak train, 1 light rail train, 1 bus, and my own two feet (.7 miles walking to get to the hotel). I was beat.

Sunday 8 miles rest/recovery
Originally I planned my first long run of my new training plan for Sunday. Then Saturday happened. I was also fairly dehydrated having not drunk any water since that morning and just some coffee in the airport and diet soda on the plane. I told myself Saturday night that I would see how I felt in the morning before making the decision but I’d already decided. While I hate missing out on a long run, I know that it was the right choice. Plus, the bike path that I thought was nearby the hotel really wasn’t so finding 8 miles to run in a new area would have been extremely difficult.

Things may not have gone exactly as planned but that’s alright. I’m becoming a smarter runner and making better decisions.

Up next? San Francisco Second Half Marathon on July 29th. So excited!



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3 responses to “Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon Training Week 1

  1. That is one very brutal day of travel! Good luck at the race this weekend, can’t wait to read about it!

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