Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon Training Week 2

This week has been all about two things: running in wonderful California and adjusting the plan due to travel.

I got in all four runs this week but those were the only workouts. Since none of the hotels (until the last one) had fitness centers I was unable to add a bit of cross-training such as stationary bicycling or strength training. (I did get a good bit of cross-training in the form of walking.)

How did the week play out?

Monday 4 miles tempo
After an unexpected skipped long run, due to Saturday’s whopper travel day, it felt great to get back out there and run.

Tuesday rest

Wednesday rest/travel

Thursday 5 miles regular run
Unfortunately, I’ve acquired a lovely California cough (no other symptoms, just a cough) that affected my breathing throughout the run. The temperature was perfect (55!) and I really did enjoy the run even though my legs felt really heavy on the hills.

Friday 5 miles regular run
I felt much stronger than Thursday as evidenced my pace (9:10). I loved the chilly weather! It’s too bad I have to give this up when I return to South Carolina.

Saturday “rest”
This was another day of walking. It’s a good thing the upcoming half wasn’t an “A” race.

Sunday San Francisco Second Half Marathon


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