365 Photo Project — Weeks 29 and 30

Since internet access was spotty last Wednesday (moving train and all) this week’s entry includes two weeks’ worth of pictures, most of which did not follow any prompts.

Day Two Hundred One
favorite food … coffee (I know it’s no a food ;D)

Day Two Hundred Two
eyes … my own

Day Two Hundred Three
out the window of the train from LA to SD

Day Two Hundred Four
at Petco Park

Day Two Hundred Five
Old Town San Diego

Day Two Hundred Six
Getting rid of $7 Old Navy flip flops that long outlived their usefulness

Day Two Hundred Seven
Just one of many absolutely incredible views on the train ride from Los Angeles to Oakland

Day Two Hundred Eight
the only picture I took all day

Day Two Hundred Nine
AT & T Park is beautiful but oh so cold in the evening

Day Two Hundred Ten
the beautiful Angel Island in San Francisco Bay

Day Two Hundred Eleven
coming down the homestretch of the San Francisco Second Half Marathon

Day Two Hundred Twelve
Only picture taken on a lazy day (change from an attempt to walk the Golden Gate Bridge) my body needed the rest

Day Two Hundred Thirteen
a summer camp going on at a mall in San Bruno, California

Day Two Hundred Fourteen
outside … the outside of the administration building at school


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