The Half Marathon That Didn’t Happen

I was supposed to run a half marathon today. Let me take a step back and give a little bit of the back story.

One of my goals for this year was to run a half marathon (or 10+ mile race) each month. Back in March I hadn’t found one yet but I was looking. Then came the whole Greenwood Half Marathon cancellation scandal.

I learned a lesson then and dealt with my first race cancellation. A week or so later I received an email from Matthew Gray of Eident Sports Marketing offering me an entry to their August 4th Half Marathon in Charlotte run in conjunction with their Amica 19.7 triathlon series. Mr. Gray said that he wanted to prove to me that not all sports marketing groups are like the Reinke Sports Group.

To say I was thrilled would be an understatement. Not only was I getting a free entry but also the solution to my August Half Marathon problem. I knew that it would be a close turn around, only 6 days, between San Francisco and this half but since I wasn’t running for time I thought I could handle it.

Since this entry isn’t entitled “Amica 19.7 Half Marathon” it’s obvious that this half marathon also got cancelled.

The day before I left for California I got an email from the amica race series stating that the half marathon had been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. That may sound familiar but I have to say that Eident Sports Marketing handled this a lot better than Dean Reinke. Not only did they give all participants two weeks advance notice but they also refunded the entire race entry fee to all runners.

I sent an email asking for a little more information. Mr. Gray informed me that the race had been cancelled due to the inability to secure a course. That seems like a pretty important thing to me.

For me this means that not only will I not have a half marathon in August but I also won’t have a race this month. While disappointing, this was a situation completely out of my control.

I planned to run 13.1 miles today anyway. However, my body is still recovering from the marathon of sightseeing and actual half marathon I put it through last week. Since I knew that I also kept the option of switching my long run this week with next week’s 10 miles.

I ran 10 miles today and they were tough. I thought about quitting sooner than I actually did but instead I kept pushing until I couldn’t push any more. I couldn’t shake the feeling that the run I cut short Thursday could have been longer than it was, that I could have pushed a little bit farther.

I kept thinking about the Olympics and when that didn’t do it I thought about my ultras coming up next year and running on tired legs.

Even though my weekly mileage total is the lowest this year (I think) I know that it’s okay and I’m becoming a smarter runner. I know that during the summer I have to stop being concerned about my pace. Right now it’s about time on my feet.

I’m off to the beach!

Edited to add: I incorrectly assumed that Matt Gray was the one who contacted me to tell me about the cancellation. As you can see in the comments below, he has not worked with Eident Sports Marketing since early April. While Mr. Gray was the one who contacted me with the initial offer, he was not involved with the cancellation at all. I apologize for the assumption.



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9 responses to “The Half Marathon That Didn’t Happen

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  2. Hey, I found your blog on pace per mile and I live in SC too which is really interesting. So sorry your half got cancelled- well, both of them! Maybe you could do one of the virtual races that bloggers have sometimes or just run 13.1 and count that toward your goal? I mean race cancellations are out of your hands but “Unforeseen circumstances” would really tick me off too! Have fun at the beach- it has a special healing power to make everything in my life a little easier too :).

  3. Hi,

    This is Matt Gray, formerly of Eident Sports Marketing. I have not worked at ESM since April 3, 2012.
    Did Eident communicate to you as Matt Gray? If so that would be very unfortunate. Please contact me via email at your convenience to fill me in on the details. I am sorry that this event was also cancelled on you…
    So much for trying to do the right thing.

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