Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon Training Week 3

After more than a week without cross-training I was finally able to get just a little in during this week of training, an unexpected cut back week.

Monday rest
Was there a question as to what I would do the day after a half? 🙂

Tuesday 6 3.32 miles
This run showed me that 30+ miles of walking + 28 miles of running (including a half marathon) over a week period will definitely do a number on my legs. I also did not run this at a recovery pace. Instead of pushing and trying to finish the 6 miles I had planned I just finished a loop and called it a run. Even though it wasn’t what I had planned I’m definitely okay with it.

Wednesday rest
My body greatly appreciated the day off. After a red eye it was definitely necessary.

Thursday 6 2 miles
Even with 2 complete rest days this week I still feel incredibly tired. It’s some combination of altered sleep schedule, too many miles logged walking and that California cough. I know I’m doing the right thing by not pushing through; it’s just hard not being able to complete my runs.

Friday stationary bike at gym
It felt so good to be back on the bike having gone two weeks without it.

Saturday Amica 19.7 Half Marathon 10 miles
Though not a half marathon like I’d planned, still a good run.

Sunday rest
Another day of rest. I was a little concerned because my legs still felt a bit sore when I did things like walk up stairs. The rest took care of that, thankfully.

After a fairly lackluster week of training I’m looking forward to a solid week this week despite the humidity.


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