Finally, a half marathon … of sorts

While I prefer to complete my long runs on Saturday, I made it out to the Swamp Rabbit Trail this morning to complete 13.1 miles, the distance I was supposed to run last week.

I made sure that my dad recorded the men’s Olympic marathon on his DVR so I could watch it afterwards. (I’m currently watching it and really disappointed that both Hall and Abdirahman DNF’ed.)

The thought that first struck me when I walked out the door this morning was “what happened to the humidity?” Of course, it’s still summer in South Carolina so it was there, just tremendously less than North Myrtle Beach. I’ll take it.

I felt much stronger during this run than last week’s. When I finished last week my legs felt absolutely dead. Today I managed to clock a last mile time of 8:46. It’s too bad that the other miles weren’t as fast. 🙂

I learned a pretty big lesson today. My training base is no longer as strong as it was even back in June. If I’d been able to maintain that base through the latter half of June and throughout July I might hope for a major PR come Savannah in November. As has been well documented on the blog, I did not keep up that base and logged my only two sub 18 mile weeks this year.

However, I am a much smarter runner and I’ll take that over faster times any day.

Since marathon training ramps up in the coming weeks I’m going to work on endurance and smart training. I’m thankful that my next race isn’t until September 15th.



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