Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon Training Week 4

Since posting my recap of yesterday’s long run the men’s Olympic marathon has finished, obviously. I had to comment again to say that even though Meb Keflezighi finished just short of a medal, I let out a cheer when he finished fourth after running a phenomenal race. (Let’s not talk about the fact that these men ran twice the distance in 7 less minutes than I did. 😉 )

I’m pleased to say that for the second year in a row I maintained marathon training while on vacation. It’s a little easier to do at the beginning of the schedule of course.

How did last week’s training turn out?

Monday 6 miles tempo regular run
All day Sunday my legs felt sore going up and down the stairs so I figured that attempting my first ever outdoor tempo run wouldn’t be a good idea. My legs still felt pretty heavy at the beginning so the first mile was pretty slow. (10:06) I concentrated on maintaining a slow, recovery type pace, especially with the insane humidity, much worse than Greenville remarkably. Though my pace didn’t feel like it was consistent it actually was. I even tried to add a “sprint” in at the end. Overall this was a really good run.

Tuesday easy ride, no time or distance goal
Each mile was faster than the last. I definitely got into it as the last few miles rolled around. I had to cut it shorter than I thought about because part of the road was flooded from the heavy rain last night. I also decided that I really want to do a triathlon. (Update: I just bought my first swim cap and pair of goggles.)

Wednesday 6 miles regular run postponed to Friday due to rain
Both Mom and I got ready to head out, shoes tied and everything, before opening the door to see pouring rain. Whoops. Since I had a little wiggle room I switched the schedule around.

Thursday 5 miles regular run
The weather was better for this one. (I’d guess that it was 10 degrees cooler and 10% less humidity.) I felt stronger. Even though I ended up running almost the exact same pace as Monday, today’s run felt a whole lot easier.

Friday 6 3 miles regular run
I cut down the distance for this run for the following reasons: 1. I saw lightening and storms in the direction I was heading. 2. Since I switched long runs, Sunday’s run will be 3 miles longer; I took off those 3 miles here. 3. The insane winds (I felt like I was getting blown backwards at one point) confirmed my decision. Overall I’d say this was a good run.

Saturday rest due to travel
While I would have loved to get my long run done before heading home, it’s just not practical.

Sunday 13.1 miles
Another long run, another few lessons learned!


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