365 Photo Project — Week 32

My weekly reminder to write this post got pushed to Thursday a week or so ago. I think I’m just going to roll with it, especially since it seems like very few people actually read this blog beside myself. 🙂

These pictures follow the #photoadayaugust prompts.

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Two
messy … the snack corner at the beach. anyone want some chips?

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Three
ring … the ring around my coffee mug

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Four
purple … I had taken a different picture but when I saw a “purple-ologist” vehicle on the side of the road I knew nothing else would do

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Five
spoon … cereal for breakfast

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Six
simple … throw all the ingredients in, press a button, a few minutes later and it’s done

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Seven
arrow … there may not be any arrows inside my house but out on the road? Wow. I almost couldn’t believe how many there were.

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Eight
ready … my breakfast. I set up the rice cooker with the oatmeal; mom scoops it out when it’s done.


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One response to “365 Photo Project — Week 32

  1. The oatmeal looks delicious :). Gotta love having a ton of snacks at the beach or when you’re on vacation too!

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