Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon Training Week 5

This week was the first week of training for this marathon, both before and after the reboot, that I really felt confident about training and about my future performance in the marathon. Instead of wondering how I’ll make it through training and whether I’ll be able to get back to the near “euphoria” I experienced while training for New River, I felt confident and excited. I like that.

Monday 6 miles hills 4 miles regular run
Even though I’m confident I’m also coming to grips with the fact that I’ve lost some running fitness. This run felt tougher than it would have been back in March. That’s okay because I know I’m becoming a smarter runner. For example, Mondays are normally speed work days. However, I know better than to attempt hill repeats the day after a long run. Instead I did a regular 4 mile run (too bad my regular route includes hills 😉 ) and finished with a sprint. A good all-out sprint makes any workout worth it.

Tuesday stationary bike + abs challenge day 2
I spent the ride being a bit exercise add and checking out all the group fitness classes at the gym.
I’m glad I waited on the abs challenge because I can definitely tell that my abdominal and back muscles are more ready now than in July. This workout left me sore for a couple days.

Wednesday 7 miles regular run
This was probably one of the hardest 7 miles I’ve ever run and I’m not really sure why. My legs felt heavy and sort of sore almost the whole time and especially on the uphill portions. I plugged through though and managed to add a little bit of speed right when my path and the path of the high school cross country team ended up on the same sidewalk. I loved speeding past the “kids”. It’s a good thing I had only a tenth of a mile left to run.

Thursday 5 miles regular run
This run was so much better than Wednesday! I had no soreness/heaviness in my legs and just absolutely loved the run! (This is run that brought back the confidence.)

Friday stationary bike at gym + abs challenge day 3
I determined before starting that I was going to push the entire time. Mission accomplished. I finally got back to 16+ rather than 14.
I skipped the first exercise because I am simply not coordinated enough. I pushed through though and stuck with the third exercise (the metabolic one) even though I went so far as to put the medicine ball back.
(BTW…I’m following the stronglikesusan 30 day ab challenge on youtube and obviously taking more than 30 days.)

Saturday 14 miles long run
Finally, an awesome long run

Sunday rest

Up next? Asheville Half Marathon
I just realized that it’s about 3 weeks away and snagged a hotel room. I’m pretty excited to race again so I know the break was good for me.


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