365 Photo Project — Week 33

Somehow I find ways to fulfill the prompts using items in my house. That’s always nice when I don’t end up going anywhere. 😉 I’ll try to mix things up in the coming weeks.

Day Two Hundred Twenty-Nine
food … it may not look like much but there’s plenty of yummy food in there

Day Two Hundred Thirty
faces … the same faces over many years

Day Two Hundred Thirty-One
perfect reward after a long run

Day Two Hundred Thirty-Two
holes … lots of little plastic drinking straws sitting unused in the cupboard replaced by a big plastic, reusable cup and straw

Day Two Hundred Thirty-Three
today … the only thing on today’s calendar, done! (there’s plenty not on the calendar still left to do :D) [at that point at least]

Day Two Hundred Thirty-Four
cool … fan, a necessity in the south in the summer

Day Two Hundred Thirty-Five
home … for the past (almost) 11 years


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