A scheduled cutback 10 miles

My training plan alternates long runs of increasing distances with long runs of 10 miles. (There is 1 time I can think of that my race schedule interferes with that.) After last week’s 14 miler that came 6 days after 13.1, I was thankful for shorter long run.

Getting my shoes on was probably one of the most “exciting” parts of the run. Let me explain. Yesterday my sister wanted me to come look at something in the garage. She pointed to a spider on the lawn mower and asked if it was a black widow spider. It was. As soon as I saw the red hourglass it started moving so both she and I screeched and ran inside. My brave mother killed it. The sad thing is that I was already a bit OCD about checking my shoes to make sure there were no bugs inside. This morning? I downloaded a flashlight app. No black widow spider in my shoe. 🙂

Back to the run. Since it was only 10 miles and the weather was cooler than it has been I ran without my cambelbak. I definitely felt more of a pep in my step when I started off without the pack on my back. Since the weather’s getting cooler I may run without it more often.

The cooler weather combined with marathon/half-marathon training season brought out more runners and cyclists than I’ve routinely seen on the trail. Of course, I don’t know the reason that so many more people are out and about. I’m just thankful that so many more people know about and are using this fantastic resource. I would love for Greenville to become known as an avid running community.

I finished the run with a 9:00 min mile feeling nice and strong.


As a Public Service Announcement (PSA), runners beware of large leaves. They may just be small chipmunks waiting to dash in front of you and give you a mild heart attack before dashing back where it came from.

What’s up next on the race schedule? Asheville Half Marathon on September 15th and the nearly forgotten about Moonshiner 5k on September 29th.

Lastly, I discovered today that last week I surpassed my 2011 running mileage total and that next week I will cross the 1k mark. That makes this numbers nerd very happy.



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